So I’m trying to sell my books. No surprise there. I wrote them, obviously I hope people will read them and like them. Buy them? Absolutely. A girl needs to keep herself in candles and chocolate, right? So some new writers have an issue where they want to attract new readers, but the only offering they have to entice those readers is their one and only new book. How can they offer their new book to entice new readers when giving them the book will remove the incentive to buy?

Not a problem for me. I wrote SEVEN. Serial, too, so that hopefully reading one will make you want to read the others. So I can give one away, and still have plenty more to sell, hopefully. So this is a post to link to a giveaway of my third book, Learning to Fly:


I think you have to follow me on Twitter to enter the giveaway; if you don’t want to, just unfollow me after, I’ll never know :o)–though I do post (Tweet? IDK) some cute animal stuff from time to time.

And, while you’re here, I’m running a campaign to get signed with Kindle. As my friend said, it takes, literally ten seconds to click and nominate me, and it will really help. If you’re reading this, please take a second and nominate my fourth book, Before the Tempest. The more people nominate me, the more likely Kindle is to notice me and want to sign me:


If enough people nominate me, I become “hot and trending”, which is never a bad thing, I think.

If I had a publisher, I wouldn’t need to do this stuff. But I don’t. So I do. And thank you to all of you.

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